[Premium Unlocked] Dub Music Player – Mp3 Player v6.1


Dub Music Player is a powerful music player with built-in 10-band and 5-band equalizers and numerous audio effects to enhance the quality of music playback and listening experience.

Ξ Features:

✔ Built-in 10-band and 5-band free equalizer
✔ Various audio effects
✔ Music visualization
✔ Crossfade
✔ Crossfader
✔ Sleep timer
✔ 15 built-in EQ presets
✔ Organize your music library by song, artist, album, folder, playlist, and genre.
✔ Create and manage playlists with manual sorting for playback.
✔ Save playlists to the cloud
✔ Tag editor
✔ Home screen Widget
✔ 11 realistic themes
✔ Background music playback

Dub Music Player’s music visualization employs effects like music spectrum bars, circular bars, VU meter, vinyl record turntable, tunnel, and wrap. The app also facilitates song mixing through a built-in crossfader, with an option for automatic mixing through crossfade.

For controlled listening, a sleep timer is included. The equalizer boasts 15 preset configurations that users can customize and save. The music library allows for organized sorting, and playlists can be manually arranged for playback, with the option to save them to the cloud. The built-in tag editor enables users to modify song titles, artists, and albums.

Dub Music Player incorporates a home screen widget for quick and easy playback control. The app provides various audio effects, including a bass booster for enhanced bass, a virtualizer for 3D spatial sound, balance control for adjusting volume between left and right channels, loudness effects for volume enhancement, preamp for adjusting preamp volume, speed effect for playback speed control, and pitch effect for adjusting music pitch.

This MP3 player guarantees a premium listening experience with its 11 built-in realistic themes that allow for a fully customizable app appearance.

Dub Music Player supports offline playback of local music files and accommodates various music formats such as MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, 3GP, OGG, and MIDI, excluding WMA.

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