[Pro Unlocked] Solid Explorer File Manager v2.8.35


Introducing Solid Explorer – your ultimate solution for precise file management and advanced archive handling. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this fileapp empowers you to wield complete control over your digital assets.

📁 Effortless Dual Pane: Navigate files seamlessly with our dual-pane interface. Easily transfer files between folders and drives with surgical precision.

🔒 Advanced File Security: Your data’s safety is paramount. Solid Explorer offers robust AES encryption for handpicked files, guarding them with either passwords or fingerprints.

☁️ Cloud Storage Mastery: Harness the full potential of cloud storage, managing your files fluidly across various platforms. Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Owncloud, SugarSync, MediaFire are at your disposal.

🗄️ Meticulous Folder Arrangement: Organize files with surgical precision into collections that suit your logic. Bid farewell to hunting – everything finds its rightful place.

🔍 Effortless Exploration: Navigate your device effortlessly. Our intuitive interface ensures you can locate, delete, or share files without a hitch.

📊 Storage Insight: Identify space-hogging culprits effortlessly. Dive into folder properties and promptly pinpoint storage-heavy items.

📦 Archive Expertise: With Solid Explorer’s integrated support for ZIP, 7ZIP, RAR, and TAR files, you’re equipped to handle archives like a pro. Zip, unzip, and unrar files with ease.

🌐 Effortless Remote Management: Seamlessly handle remote files. Our compatibility with key network protocols like FTP, SFTP, SMB (Samba), WebDav facilitates easy drag-and-drop operations.

Solid Explorer is the answer for those who demand pinpoint control over their files and the finesse to master archives. No more mess, no more confusion – just meticulous file management and archive expertise at your fingertips. 🚀

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